Why Choose ABRI

ABRI is an independent and neutral source of bio-products, which is of an eminent service to its customers. When a customer has the need for a collection of rare, highly characterized biological samples, ABRI is the one provider that is able to constantly deliver high quality samples in a timely and efficient manner and within full regulatory compliance

Support .

Providing support to pharmaceutical sponsors, clinical research organizations for the conduction of Clinical Trials throughout multiple geographies.

Consult .

Consulting Service to Evaluate Protocols, Investigator Brochure, Electronic Case Forms, IWRS/IVRS.

Provide .

Providing Audit support during state and/or federal inspections primarily FDA and CDC.

Practice .

ABRI clinical trial management programs will be coordinated though a staff of leading clinical pharmacologists and doctoral level research scientists.

Initial Phase (screening)

At ABRI, we are actively looking for individuals just like you to help answer important questions about a variety of health conditions. You can learn more about study participation for research studies below. Clinical Research participants help the discovery and implementation of important medical innovations to include genetics, drugs, clinical techniques, and diagnostic tools. Becoming a participant will help future generations to include family, friends, and neighbors.